I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how Kia is getting on. She has been with us for three months now but it feels like we have alwaKia at homeys had her! She settled into her new home so quickly. Neither of us have owned a cat before and Kia is the perfect cat for first-timers! She is so good natured, never bites or scratches, and if she wants something she lets us know! She doesn't sleep in the cat bed we got her, she prefers the humans' bed. Sometimes she crawls under the duvet to be petted and hugged and she purrs like mad! Her other favourite places are windowsills, the back of the sofa, Stewart's chair (which he lets her steal because she looks at him cutely) and on the top of doors! She has learned how to get on the top of a couple of doors by herself so sometimes we just discover her there! She is so playful, it's all she wants to do when she's awake. Her favourite toy is a string. She'll carry it around with her and sit staring at it until someone picks it up. Sometimes we hang it over doors and she jumps so high to get it! She is a lovely cat and we are so happy to have her in our lives. We are besotted by her. Thank you for all your help and for letting us adopt her, she is a great addition to the family and we look forward to many happy years together.
Anji, Stewart and Kia