Hello everyone, I hKittyave been in my new home for a week now and I think I am going to love it! For the first four days I didn't really want anything to do with my new owners but as the week went on I found them to be ok.I managed to find a good hiding place behind the couch and refused to leave it for a while but I have discovered that it is more comfortable to sleep 'on it' rather than behind it. I have also found out that it is quite good to sit on my new mum's lap as she keeps stroking me and I do love that. This place is bigger than I thought. It has a kitchen and stairs which I also like to lie on. Thank you for taking care of me for the time that I was with you and a huge thank you for finding me my forever home. Hi to all and I hope all my wee pals find homes soon. Kitty (and Susan)