Here's the latest update on Lily. She and my big boy Oscar are still not exactly friends, but they are getting on better. We no longer hear loud growls and hisses, only quiet ones, and rarely. My other cat Felix used to run and make sure Oscar and Lily were ok and get between them if necessary. He just listens now, no need for him to negotiate any longer - fingers crossed it will continue to improve. Lily is desperate to get outside. She'll enjoy the garden and the field behind it once she gets out I'm sure. She is such a sweetie - she gives me lots of head butts, and has given me a few nose rubs as well. And she knLily in her new homeows where the treat cupboard is, she takes me there when she 'needs' a treat!
I took her to the vet recently for a check up and he confirmed that her eye ulcer has gone completely, so it looks more likely the ulcer was caused by an injury and not a virus.
Lily on her bed

Best wishes
Sophie Dallman

Left: The most recent picture of Lily in her new home. Perched on the worktop just like she used to do in the shelter!!

Right: Lily in her bed