Martha (formerly Arthur)

Just to let you know that Martha (formerly Arthur) is doing just great. ItMartha 1
took her several days to come out of her various hiding holes but she was eating well and using her litter tray from day 1. We gradually opened up more of the house to her, until a couple of weeks ago when she has been outside for a good bit of the day. She has picked up our family routine and comes into the bathroom when the kids are in the bath or doing their teeth, washing herself too. At bedtime story time she snuggles between the kids on the sofa and then chooses which bed to sleep in for the night. She is eating well and has put on a little weight. She loves ham and begs at the fridge if it is open. She enjoys being brushed and stroked and yesterday she brought back her first kill!
Thank you so much for letting us adopt her...she has changed our lives for good!