Max & Clarissa

I would like to share Max and Clarissa's story:
I adopted Max and Clarissa in July 1997 when the Cat Protection League were in their temporary accommodation in Throsk, which was just prior to the move into the Marion Hunter centre in Fishcross. Max and Clarissa were aged 1 and 2 when I adopted them. 
I was drawn toward a lovely tabby cat, Clarissa, who I was told had kept being overlooked, although in hindsight I think she chose me - she sat still when she saw me and looked me in the eye as much as to say "You'll do me!". 
As we were getting Clarissa organised to leave, I have never forgotten Max popping his head up to watch us.  As soon as I mentioned I had liked him too and although I had liked them separately, it turned out they already chose to play together whenever they got out to run around.  Who could say no!   
They clearly recognised each other when we got home and from that day on they were best friends for 12 years.  They lived in both the town and country over the years and enjoyed all the pleasures cats could wish to have. Max spent his favourite days sitting by the stream in one of our gardens waiting endlessly for mice on the opposite bank or sunbathing, whilst Clarissa was more inclined to recline in the shade and be altogether more aloof but charming.  They have been loyal and great companions over the years and it was with great sadness that I lost Clarissa 2 years ago and Max only recently, age 13 and 14 respectively. 
Max had originally been handed in to the CPL by his namesake, Mr Maxwell, this was all I knew about where he came from - he only went by his full title on his most mischevious days! I did not find out Clarissa's story before Clacks Cats but I was very sad and shocked to find out that Clarissa had lived all that time with 2 pellets inside her, this was only discovered because she had had x-rays in her last few weeks, our vet was clearly angered by such cruelty.  Fortunately for us Clarissa had a full life regardless.
On that note I wanted to write to say I cannot thank you enough for your introduction that lasted a wonderful lifetime with Max and Clarissa.
Having volunteered at the Fishcross centre many years ago I understand and admire the caring work carried out there and want to thank everyone involved all for the dedicated work that continues year on year.
Best wishes,