Minnie (Sophie)

I just thought I would drop you a line about Minnie, known as Sophie,
who came home with me on November 18.Minnie (Sophie)
She is a very lively and totally adorable wee girl and has settled in really well with me. She seemed at home from the moment she walked out of her basket.
She is very confident and loves to play and will happily keep herself amused with toys for hours. She is also very affectionate and enjoys being stroked and cuddled on my knee.
The best thing is that she is getting on really well with my two boys, Dennis and Wilf, both of whom came from you. Wilf is fascinated by her and comes to play with her every evening. Dennis was initially much more reserved but even he has come round now and they frequently all three play together.
Thank you for letting me give Minnie a home.
Merry Christmas to all of you at the Marion Hunter shelter and here's hoping there are fewer waifs and strays in 2013.
Pam McNicol