Poppy and Ollie

Hello Everyone at the CPL


Do you remember we adopted Moneypenny and James Bond in late June -  now known as Poppy and Ollie?  They are living with our other 4 cats in splendour – they love their activity centre, catnip and food. We have to lock them out of the kitchen when we feed the other 4 cats as they eat their own food and all the other 4 cats food as well. 


They love shimming up our lovely voile curtains and jumping on window sills. We have had a few  breakages but luckily we are very handy with UHO glue.  The cat around the corner in the photo is also from you and is Cheeky who is now about 13 years old. We also have Beauty (15) Mr Sweep (8) and Cleo (6) they are all from you apart from Beauty who just turned up one day as a little lost kitten and stayed.


They are growing up fast and love chasing each other – and Mr Sweep who seems to be their adoptive father. They go out in the garden on their little harnesses – we feel they are too young to go out on their own.


They have made a very happy addition to our  cat family and we love them to bits.