Dear Sandra and Donna

Slant stayed in his "own room" for approx 2 hrs on Sunday after bringing him home before realising his door hadn't caight and he pulled it open. After exploring the house he lay on Rhys's (11) bed until bedtime watching tv. On Monday he spent the time on Steven's (16) bed watching X box, before slowly making his way into the living room. On Tuesday onwards he spends his day either on the sofa, in his basket, or on Frazer's armchair before coming to visit us in bed before bedtime. He seems to enjoy playing at 3o'clock in the morning but is calming down now thank goodness, it's like having another teenager! He is still put into his own room at bedtime for now but not for long as he seems very content and does enjoy a cuddle, play and his whiskas dentabits!

Thank you Donna for introducing us here's to a long and fun time as part of our family.