Adoption Process

Adopt with confidence 
Adopting a cat from Cats Protection means

  •    That your cat has been health checked by a vet
  •     Vaccinated at least once against flu and enteritis
  •     Microchipped
  •     Neutered if over 4 months old
  •     Will have been treated for fleas,roundworm and tapeworm
  •     Will have been cared for to very high standard
  •     We also provide four weeks' free insurance (terms and conditions apply)  

The adoption fee is £65 for a cat and £80 for a kitten including Neutering Voucher

The Adoption fee is to help cover the basic day-to-day care costs, which includes de-fleaing and worming.
We also vaccinate, microchip, blood test (those at risk) and neuter (if old enough) the cats that we take in.
It can cost us £150 or more before a cat is ready for re-homing, so if you feel able to make a donation on top of
the adoption fee, it would of course be most gratefully recieved. Thank you for deciding to adopt a Cats Protection cat.

 The Homing  process:
  • We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, and recommend the cats or kittens we think might be suitable  for you. Some of our cats may be perfectly at ease sharing a home with children or other animals, where others will need a quieter environment. Let us know what you are hoping to find so we can help to choose the right companion for you.
  • Reserve your cat of choice.
  • Before we can re-home the cat(s) to you we need to do a "Home Visit" this is to see if the cat would be suitable for your home and lifestyle, it also gives you a chance to ask questions on any aspect of cat care.

  • If your home visit is successful, you can come and collect your cat. Just don’t forget to bring a good-sized, stable cat carrier with you.

We are happy to offer help and advice after homing,  so if you have any concerns
 or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.