Lost and Found

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I'VE FOUND AN INJURED CAT?  If you ever find an animal that is injured take it immediately to a local vet to administer pain relief. They are the only people qualified to do this and will advise on the best course of action.  The vets will then try to locate any potential owners. Cats Protection do not provide financial assistance with veterinary bills for animals that are not in our care as our focus is on providing assistance with neutering and rehoming.

I'VE FOUND A CAT?  Please be aware that it is probably someone’s pet and would prefer to be at home. Cats will naturally roam a wide area. Don't just lift a cat because it comes up to you,  it could live near by. Check with your neighbours first in case they own the cat. If your neighbours don't own the cat then take it to a vet to be scanned for a microchip to find potential owners. The vet will also be able to confirm the gender of the cat and if a neutered male. You could also try putting a paper collar on the cat with your contact number so if it returns home nearby its owners can confirm the cat is owned. Many owners do not put collars on their cat as they could choke if caught on a fence etc. You can then advertise the cat as found with a picture and details on as many sites as possible. Also advertise in local vets and pet shops and ask your local paper to run an ad to reach people who do not use the internet. If no one claims the cat then contact rescues to see if they can help with rehoming.

MY CAT IS MISSING?  If your cat goes missing make sure you check all hiding places in your home and outside sheds as they are curious animals. If you have had any visitors or workmen make sure your cat hasn't jumped in their car. Also check with your neighbours in case your cat is nearby. It is best to inform as many people as possible to reunite you with your cat as quickly as possible. Contact Cats Protection to post on our facebook and website. Remember we need as much information as possible about your pet such as gender, if neutered or microchipped, where and when they went missing and also if they have any distinguishing features. We also need your contact number so people can contact you immediately if they have found your cat. You should also make up leaflets and post them in local vets and pet shops. Also contact your local newspaper to reach people who do not use the internet. If your cat is microchipped inform the company who holds your contact details. When your cat returns please inform any organisations you reported him/her missing to.

MICROCHIPPING AND NEUTERING  Cats Protection recommends the neutering of all cats. If your cat is not neutered it may be the reason for them straying. Contact Cats Protection to see if you are entitled to financial assistance towards the cost of neutering. Microchipping is a safe and practical way to identify your cat.