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Rehoming and Admissions now re-opening

07 July 2020

The last few months have been some of the most challenging for the branch and we have had to cease most of our active work to protect the cats in our care, the public and our volunteers. As the end of the lockdown comes into sight we have been working tirelessly to review our procedures to ensure that we can operate safely and within the guidance and the laws that govern our work. To that end we are pleased to announce that we have restarted our rehoming ...

Covid-19 Latest

18 March 2020

Due to the developing situation with COVID-19 we are taking some extra precautions at this time to try and ensure that we keep our volunteers safe so we can continue to care for cats. The Branch is currently closed; no viewings, adoptions or admissions are being carried out. If you would like any advice relating to Cats Protection and our services please contact 03000 121212 or visit our main website https://www.cats.org.uk/ As this situation is a rapidly changing one we will keep you updated ...

Kitten Socialisation

21 August 2019

What is kitten socialisation? Preparing a kitten to cope with the human world and its challenges is one of the most important ways to ensure their lifelong welfare. Without careful consideration of their development, they may develop into an adult cat that will struggle to cope within a normal domestic setting. A kitten that has been appropriately socialised will be far less likely to experience high levels of stress, or even to develop behaviour problems as an adult. What is the ...

Feral cats and how to help them

15 August 2019

Feral Cats What are feral Cats? Feral cats are the same species of cat (Felis silvestris) as our pet cats, but are not socialised to humans or the domestic environment. This means that while they are the same species as pet cats, they behave like wild animals and therefore have completely different needs to those kept as companion animals. They can never be tamed and this should never be attempted because they are very fearful of people and it would ...