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How to help Cats Protection during the COVID-19 Pandemic

04 April 2020
How to help Cats Protection during the COVID-19 Pandemic We have been approached asking if and how the public can help during these challanging times.

Unfortunately with a complete stop to face to face contact and a suspension to all adoptions, this does limit what we can do, and where people are able to help.

With a complete halt to all fundraisers, income has slowed down for the branch, and expenses go up as we're keeping cats ready for adoption in branch for an indefinite time. We are still hoping to hold another campaign similar to last years

The biggest help to our branch would be for people to help through our Amazon Wishlist

Similarly, you can donate diretly to our branch via our Donations page.

If you have a missing cat, or spot a cat you think may have lost its way, please get in contact with us or visit our branches Lost and Found Facebook page.

Due to the halted movement of cats, our already large waiting list is expanding. When we are able to resume operations as normal, we will be in desperate need of people to foster cats.
Fostering is a simple process where a home will take in a cat, ensure the cat is safe and looked after until we have a new home for said cat.
Much more information can be found on fostering here
Get in touch if you think you may be interested in helping foster a cat in the future, please don't hesitate to get in touch, even if just for more information. All food is delivered to your home, vet visits on your behalf can be arranged, all we really need is time, a spare room and a lot of love for a deserving cat. Contact us here

We will need as much help as possible, so please help, and if you can't, please keep us in mind, share this page, share the word and help us pick up where we left off