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Rescuing 4 kittens under a shed

25 July 2020
Rescuing 4 kittens under a shed
One local lady named Vera spotted a mother and kittens living under her shed, and asked for help on a local Facebook group. We headed out to see if it was something we could help with, and seen there were 4 kittens, all with their eyes open.

The space they had been using to get in and out from under the shed was a very tight fit, not one we could easily reach in or net, so we supplied Vera with a trap and Vera remained vigil overnight. She managed to trap the mother and bring her in, and pick up 3 of the 4 kittens. The last kitten under the shed was given food, water, heat mat and a blanket and the kitten eventually came out by itself and was caught.

We are delighted to have these cats in our care, and at their age have been able to socialise. A few more weeks and these kittens would likely have remained feral and become much more difficult to socialise and adjust to indoor living. 

We are working to have them ready to be homed, however this is likely to be a few more weeks to get fully socialised, as well as fixed and gone through their vaccination course.

Dusty, the mother cat, we believe to have lived in a home at some point, as she is incredibly well natured and is suitible for rehoming either with a kitten or alone. She is doing a fantastic job raising the kittens and watching over them too. 

We would lastly like to give a huge thank you to Vera, who spotted these lovely kittens, reached out and kept a close eye to ensure the cats remained safe and did a phonominal job bringing them all in and was a delight to work alongside.

If you may be interested in homing a kitten or two, or the mother cat Dusty, then please let us know via enquiries@corby.cats.org.uk

Please include the following:

Other animals living in the property:
If the property is owned or rented: (We will require evidence of permission to adopt if rental)
Any young children living in the property:

As the kittens develop into their own unique personalities, we aim to match cats and kittens with a home that can suit their needs and yours, and always like to ensure that anyone adopting has permission to adopt to minimalise cats being passed from home to home.