Do you have a vacant spare room that could provide shelter for a homeless cat until we can find them a new one? We are also looking for people who perhaps don't have any pets of their own as some of our harder to home, long stay or timid cats could do with a place to stay while they getting ready to be homed. So if you cannot have a cat on a permanent basis but would like the companionship for what time you are available, fostering could be ideal for you. 
Outdoor pen
Installation of the pen and associated costs such as installing electricity are all covered by us so there is no outlay for the fosterer. However, we would appreciate it if you would think long and hard as to whether you could commit long term to an outdoor pen, as installation and removal costs are high, so we would like to avoid moving the pens too often.
Indoor room
If you have a spare room in your house which can be closed off then it could be used as an indoor pen.  The room needs to be easily cleanable, warm and dry, with room for the cat to move around and play with toys.  Space for a litter tray and food bowls and somewhere comfy to sleep would also be needed.  
It can be easier to look after a cat indoors as there is no need to go outside in cold, wet weather to feed, clean or play with the cat.  They do need to be kept away from your own cats (if you have them) and so must stay in the room.  You will be paid an allowance for cleaning materials, electricity and petrol or taxi fares (for vet visits) and again, all food and litter, toys, litter trays and blankets are provided.