Arriving At Our Centre

We are based just outside Truro in Carnon Downs, directions can be found at the bottom of our homepage or simply put TR3 6GE into your navigation device.

There's plenty of free parking here as well as one disabled easy access bay.
Our centre is majority disabled friendly, but please let us know if you have any special requirements.

Upon arrival one of our team will be happy to run through the adoption process as detailed below...

Checking your location.
Instead of visiting you house in person, these days we are able to check where you live online.
This enables us to understand which particular age/type of cat may be suited to you.
We look for traffic levels to make sure that your new arrival stays safe for years to come.
Who Lives At Home?
A good idea is to bring any family member who will be living with the cat, that way we can be sure your new feline is as happy as can be with the whole family.
Some cats unfortunately prefer a more mature family, so we would of course suggest cats that would be suitable for your childs age.

Other Pets?
If you have any other pets, this could affect the particular cat suitable for your home as some simply prefer to live without others.
Please let us know if you have any other pets so we can effectively advise you. 

Any major plans/changes?
If you have any major changes coming up, it may well be a good idea to visit us once you're more settled.
Changes include:
Going on Holiday
Moving House
Building Work
Family coming to stay
Anything that is changing your usual daily routine basically!

Is your Home Owned or Rented?

If you own your property... great! However a landlord/Housing Assosiation Permission
is needed before an adoption can take place.
Ideally this would be in paper form, or a scan from a tennancy agreement.