Blind Date with a Book!

๐Ÿ’—This blind date that is guaranteed not to let you down!

Fed up with the dating game? More introvert-y than flirty? Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day! Curl up cat-like at home and enjoy a date with a difference... A blind date with a book - all in aid of cats!!

As any Cats Protection cat will tell you, pre-loved is best... so let our clues guide you and find a new love with a brilliant new-to- you book. Curl up with your new companion as well as your furry feline one and enjoy guaranteed date success, whilst helping cats in need at the same time!

Give your love to those who need it most. ๐Ÿพ

How does blind date with a book work?

Wrapped in recyclable brown paper adorned with enticing clues, these books offer readers the chance to dive into a story based solely on its themes, genre, or plot, disregarding the author’s name, cover style, or even the book’s popularity.

Instead of judging a book by its cover, you are presented with a wrapped or disguised book, concealing its title and author. This unique experience will allow you to explore new genres, authors, and stories that you may not have encountered before. By unwrapping the book, you will unveil a delightful surprise, embarking on an unknown journey of words and imagination.

Enjoy the mystery and anticipation of getting to know your new date*, cosy at home whilst still venturing beyond your comfort zone!

*Please note - Your date is not with a person, it's even better, it's with a book! ๐Ÿ“–

To take part, we have a suggested minimum donation of £7.

Step 1: Go to our Just Giving link and enter your donation.

2. Choose from any one of the following clues, then message us at with your name and address…

Clue date #1 - Imagine cosy nights by the fire or sailing a private yacht to watch the sunset - this date is smooth, charming, and eager to make your Valentines Day full of love.

Clue date #2 - This date has a job to do and they want you to help them... Take their hand and let them lead you through their conundrum whilst enjoying the excitement they bring, all the way to the end of your first date!

Clue date #3 - Dark, brooding and mysterious, this date takes time to get to know. This date is sure to excite and will guarantee a few surprises along the way.

Clue date #4 - This date is the darkest of the dark... They will push you to your limits whilst you experience excitement. But remember that fear and excitement are th same feeling but with a different label! this date will be unforgettable but may well keep you up long past your bedtime...

Clue date #5 - An interesting date, of that you can be sure. You'll learn the How's, Where's and What's of this date's past. Lose yourself in their back story.

3. your date will arrive at your door in time for Valentine’s Day! If you would like to browse each of the disguised books yourself and help keep our postage and packing costs down, please use the JG link above and come to Cornwall Adoption Centre from 7th February to 14th February between 11am-4pm - where your potential dates will be waiting to meet you!

By buying a pre-loved book you are preventing a book from going to landfill. Books cannot be recycled due to the glue used in the binding process*

Last date for postage of books 7th February 2024