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Adoption Special: Sweetie's Story

07 September 2021
Adoption Special: Sweetie

Cat rescue work is hard and at times heart-breaking and it is a mixture of happy and sad stories and part of the sadness is that we cannot help every single cat. I should imagine it’s the same in any field of animal rescue. However we must think of the difference we make to the lives of the ones we can and do help. I am always reminded of the “Starfish Story” where a young lad was walking along a baking hot beach throwing back some of the many Starfish that had been washed up and were burning under the hot sun. On being asked what he was doing he said saving them from burning and he was told you cannot possibly make a difference there are far too many, upon which he picked another up threw it back into the sea and said “I made a difference to that one” that is how I like to think what we do works, we make a difference to those we do help.

One such cat that this brings to mind is Sweetie. You may remember a while back I posted that myself and Paul went out to rescue a mum and kittens from a garden late one night, I think we finally got home about 11pm. Well it was a sad sight that greeted us there were other adult cats most of whom were feral and we couldn’t get near but amongst the mayhem were six kittens and a mummy cat. We got the kittens easily as they were only tiny but mum who is now called Sweetie was very very wary of us, though not feral so we eventually got her too and along with her kittens took them all to Ela their new foster mummy. The remaining ones are an ongoing neutering situation for which we will provide vouchers and are also helping with food.

On arrival at Ela’s the kittens were bouncing about playing none the worse for their ordeal but Sweetie was shell shocked so Ela left her for a few days to settle without overwhelming her so that she would carry on feeding her kittens. At this point we were unaware of a very serious problem with Sweetie. After settling in for a while and although she was still very nervous Ela was slowly but surely gaining her trust. Sweetie was taken to the vet as Ela suspected she was once again pregnant but on examination the vet was unsure what was going on, there was something inside Sweetie but she couldn’t find any heartbeats. So an x-ray was performed and it was found that poor little Sweetie had a deceased kitten inside her so an emergency operation was performed, she was also spayed at the same time, and indeed there was a fully formed kitten inside her tummy and even the vet was shocked at how little Sweetie had survived this let alone gone on to feed and raise six more kittens. The poor cat must have been in so much pain and had she been left where she was would have died a very painful prolonged death. She also tested as fiv+ probably due to repeatedly being mated by stray males, so she would need to be an indoor cat when her time came to go to her new home.

Sweeties recovery started and her kittens thrived and all went off to their forever homes, all the while Ela worked tirelessly gaining Sweeties trust and preparing her for the day she too would be chosen by a new mummy/daddy.

This week that day came and as I write this I actually have tears in my eyes to know that Sweetie will not die a slow painful death, will not live on her wits outside constantly producing kittens but will live her life loved and happy from now on. Her new mum sent us some photos and said that Sweetie is doing amazing and is slowly starting to trust her and her new surroundings and is eating treats from her hand.

Massive thanks must go to the people who initially asked for our help, to Helen who prioritises who comes in to care, to Paul who gets mad phone calls from me at ungodly hours but is always willing to help, to Ela for all of her hard work in helping Sweetie to trust humans, to the homing team for handling all of the enquiries to adopt her, to your our supporters for your kind donations that help us fund cases like Sweeties which was obviously not cheap and also to the fantastic kind people who adopt from us and give these little souls a chance at a happy ever after. So on that night although we weren’t able to directly help all of the other cats there immediately, although this is ongoing, we actually at that point when we brought Sweetie in with her babies didn’t realise just how her life was going to change and the suffering we were preventing. So we made a difference, just like the Starfish story, and we say it all the time no amount of money could buy the feeling we got this week seeing that little girl go off to her happy ever after. Have a happy life Sweetheart you deserve it