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Cozy Cats

30 November 2021
Cozy Cats

How can I make sure my cat is safe outside in the cold?

  • Cats keen to venture outdoors might still want to brave the temperatures – even during a harsh winter. If your cat has access to the outdoors, provide them with a shelter to ensure they are safe. A sturdy cardboard box covered in plastic sheeting should do the trick
  • If you’ve got a cat flap, you’ll need to make sure your cat can get easily in and out. A heavy snowfall or icy patch might result in the cat flap becoming stuck, or blocked
  • Ensure that your cat has plenty of fresh water indoors, in case any outside sources freeze
  • Always make sure your cat comes inside at night, locking the catflap once they are inside. Provide them with warm, comfortable and safe places to sleep
  • Regularly check sheds, outhouses and garages to ensure your cat isn’t locked inside. Remember, you can use our handy Look before you lock door hanger to remind you
  • Make sure your cat is microchipped, and the details are up to date. If they do wander off in search of a warm place, they’ll be easily traced back to your address
  • If the weather becomes particularly cold, keep your cat indoors. While they might seem bored or restless, pet cats aren’t used to extreme temperatures and can even develop frostbite or hypothermia. Keep them entertained and exercised with enrichment toys and feeders