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What we do when we take in a cat

05 May 2021
What we do when we take in a cat We get a call to take a cat in...
It may be a stray, it may be an unwanted pet or it may be someone's dearly loved pet that they just can't keep any longer.

What happens next?..
The very first thing we do is get the person handing over the cat to fill in an acceptance form and sign it handing the cat into the care of Cats Protection.

When the cat arrives at Cats Protection...
Within 72 hours of the cat arriving with their fosterer, they are taken to the vet, where they get a full health check and treated for fleas and worms. They are also snap tested for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia).

Where are the cats kept?..
The cats are kept at their fosterers in a pen of their own. We never mix cats that are not brought in together and we do not allow cats in the care of Cats Protection to mix with any of the fosterers own cats, for health and hygiene reasons. All of our fosterers are provided with barrier kits and Cats Protection approved disinfectant.

Can stray cats be neutered straight away?..
By law, all un-neutered female strays must be kept for a minimum period of two weeks before neutering un-neutered male cats can be neutered after one week

What do we feed the cats?..
Our cats are fed on Whiskas, Felix and Purina Pro Plan.

What happens once a cat has been chosen by a new owner?..
Once a cat is chosen to be adopted it is then micro-chipped and has it's first vaccinations.  Following completion of the necessary adoption paperwork, the cat can go off to be happy in it's new forever home.

And so the process starts all over again with the next cat that comes looking for our help.