Success Stories

Good new just in from Shorty new owners - Hi just to let you know that Shorty ( now known as Saffi) is settling well into our home! What a beautiful girl she is! Here's a picture of her relaxing on the stairs enjoying the sunshine.

Byron in his new home! Thank you for giving him a home.

Thanks sooo much for our little one, Pebbles - seen here in bed! We got her via you 15 months ago, and she's an absolute joy, every single day; a privilege to give her a happy life after a very uncertain start.

6 weeks after adopting me - Dally is enjoying her evening snuggle. She is the most
affectionate little thing A slow but steady thaw between her & my Daisy ..... still
some hissing but also some sniffing& head butting. Happy days. A big thanks to
 you & your good work x

Just wanted to send a photo of Rosie (was Rowan) who we adopted from you a few weeks ago! She's settling in really well and spends most of her time on our bed!

I just thought I would share a photo of Tabitha who I adopted this morning she is making
herself at hom
e on my bed and is letting us stroke her she isn't hissing at us and seems happy! She is going to be a very loved member of the family thank you very much for all your help this morning the adoption went so smoothly