Homing shows

What is a homing show?

A homing show is an extremely well organised event, which is a great time to meet all the cats in a relaxing environment and perfect opportunity to see what they look like in person - because let's face it, we can't all be photogenic.

The events are open to the general public, so if you have any questions regarding rehoming please come down and ask. There's lots of friendly faces (some of them are furry) that are more than happy to help you in any way. If you are serious about rehoming, book a home visit prior to the event so that all checks can be done, then all you have left is the difficult task of picking which one or how many of them you want to take home with you.

These events are carried out in such away so that no excess stress is caused to the cats at all, hence why they generally are only 3 hours long. Throughout the event, there are plenty of our team members feeding, playing and changing the odd litter tray.

One thing you will notice is that some cats are chatty, some use it as an excuse to attack the throw over the cage (mostly the kittens) and some have the ability to completely melt your heart (personal experience included).

Here's some images of a really successful rehoming event at the Hawth in Crawley on Sunday 16th November:

Meet the cats:

Table top sale to help raise money: