Nervous, timid and shy cats: A happy ever after story

While most cats settle into new homes quickly, some cats remain fearful despite a gentle welcome and time to get used to their surroundings. Do not be too disappointed if your shy or timid cat tries to hide or run away from you. Showing patience and sensitivity will go a long way to ensure that you have a happy and extremely rewarding relationship with your cat.

We recently had an email from a sensitive and caring owner and her (now) happy cat. It is testament to how careful and patient owners can bring the best out of their feline friends and allow them to bloom in their own time.

“We adopted a cat called Thai from you a year ago. She was a feisty little bundle of ginger fur and for a few weeks we wondered if she was going to settle. The young lad that handed her over wondered why on earth we would want such and angry and scratchy cat.

We have renamed her Tia, and very quickly she began to settle down, but progress was slow.
A year on we have a beautiful soft lap cat, who likes nothing better than to snuggle up on a lap and be tickled. Something we thought may never be possible a year ago, but it has been small steps at the pace she dictated.
She is also getting better with our older cat. He still
gives her a wide berth as clearly she likes to be the boss.
She greets all visitors with a friendly curiosity, and everybody loves and admires her. She is a beauty.

She is still not confident enough to go out through the flap into the garden. If we are out there she will follow and will come back through the flap ...but small steps. I am sure she will get there in time.
I hope her twin sister, wherever she is, is also happy in her new home.

We are thrilled with the progress Tia (Thai) has made, and just felt you might like an update."