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30 September 2021

As we know only too well, ‘tricks’ and ‘treats’ are year-round features of feline family life, not just at Halloween. This story, however, came in at a very appropriate time of year, as it’s about a mysterious moggy appropriately called ‘Pumpkin.’

She was a waif and stray who some time ago tricked up on a local doorstep looking for treats. They were duly supplied by an elderly resident who fed the peripatetic puss for quite a number of years until, alas, this kind lady died. All the while, Pumpkin had lived ferally in the wild outdoors and had no idea or experience of domestic life. It was a shy, nervous and very wary cat that eventually came into Cats Protection care.

Clearly, Pumpkin needed to be civilised in a quiet, gentle home – a place where somebody could be with her most of the time – so that’s exactly how she was advertised for adoption.

A special treat came Pumpkin’s tricky way when she was spotted on the website by Brian and Sylvia who were looking for a cat to adopt. They had a nice, quiet comfortable house and being retired, were mostly at home. As soon as the couple saw pictures of the cat and read her story it was, to use modern vernacular, a ‘no-brainer.’ This was, indeed, the cat they wanted.

Things were a bit tricky to begin with, as Sylvia explained: “When we first met Pumpkin, she was very nervous and kept disappearing. Her favourite hiding place was a bookcase in Brian’s study. We rarely saw her in the first couple of weeks.”

 Slowly but surely, though, Pumpkin came out of hiding and joined her kind adopters in the lounge. Leg rubbing, stroking and and lap cuddling soon followed.

After a while, Pumpkin was allowed in the garden and she loved it – prowling around the bushes and disappearing over the fence, but returning when Sylvia called.

Apparently, the cat flap has been a problem. It needs a push to get through, so Pumpkin prefers the door opened for her. (Well, she is a lady after all!)

 Unsurprisingly, she remains nervous of other people and either walks round them or runs away.

 “However,” said Sylvia, Pumpkin is a lovely cat and we are pleased to have her.”

 Clearly, this particular Pumpkin has at last found its perfect patch……

Written By Ann Judge