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13 May 2022

If ever we wanted a heart-lifting tale for this merry month of May, here’s just the one.

It comes courtesy of a puss with the appropriate spring-time name of ‘Poppy’ and tells of her journey from dark, sickly sorrow to a place of bright, sunny survival.


A stray mum-to-be, Poppy came into care and duly gave birth to a litter of five cuddly kittens. After nine weeks, the kittens were safely homed and – as per standard practice – Poppy went off to be spayed. Sadly, however, the treatment did not go as planned and poor Poppy began to haemorrhage. After three tricky post-op nights with the vet, Poppy transferred to fosterer Chris for care and recuperation, so let’s hear from her.

“Poppy came to me as a small, sick young cat, reported Chris. “She had just finished caring for her five kittens and had been spayed. Unfortunately, she had a significant haemorrhage after the operation and – in the opinion of the vet - this left her unlikely to survive.”

“By some miracle,” she continued, “Poppy responded to emergency fluid replacement along with painkillers and came to me to be monitored and hopefully to recover. She was incredibly thin and weak.”

Nevertheless, Poppy seemed to know she needed to eat and relax to regain strength and gradually, after many small meals each day and lots of attention, she began to improve.

Said Chris: “She was a trusting little cat who loved attention, so helping her to recover was easy. As she gained weight and obviously felt better, Poppy became very ‘chatty’ and loved company. The more she improved, the more her personality became apparent.”

Unsurprisingly, Poppy was soon chosen for full-time adoption by Olivia. As Chris remarked, by the time Poppy was adopted she was a different cat to the poorly puss who arrived a few weeks earlier.

“It wasn’t until that point that I realised just how sick she had been at the start,” said Chris.

Let’s then hand over to Olivia for the latest Poppy up-date.

“Poppy,” she enthused, “is the most affectionate little tortoiseshell cat. After the tough time she had, we expected her to be quite shy to begin with – but this wasn’t the case at all. She settled in very quickly and loves to be with Jack and me. Poppy sits with me for hours while I work from home and quite often likes to be the star of a Zoom call. Although unsure at first, she now loves the garden and spends time ‘shade-bathing’ or perched on top of my flimsy greenhouse. We are very happy to have adopted Poppy.”


So there we have it: Thanks to the loving care of Chris and Olivia, along with all the flowers that bloom in the Spring (‘tra-la!) is a bright, blossoming and very jaunty purrfect Poppy…….

By Ann Judge