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Beating Diabetes With Blade & Brucie

26 May 2020
Beating Diabetes With Blade & Brucie They might well have been called Chalk and Cheese – two elderly cats from different backgrounds with quite
opposing temperaments. The one thing they did have in common, though, was a case of severe, debilitating

These sad feline fellows were dropped into the ‘too-hard tray’ and given up by their previous owners, but luckily found safety with Cats Protection. Named Blade and Brucie, they now live comfortably alongside four other cats with Cats Protection stalwart, Chris Taylor. Chris and the Cats Protection, Crawley team discussed options and agreed an  arrangement where the Branch would cover the medical costs arising from the diabetes for the rest of their lives. This enabled Chris who initially fostered the cats to then adopted them. 
Of the two diabetic cats, 11-year-old Blade was first to arrive for fostering. His original owner had been given veterinary advice to hand Blade over to Cats Protection because he was not receiving the insulin necessary to manage diabetes. Chris was not sure whether the owner couldn’t afford the treatment or just wasn’t able to inject him. “However,” she said, “this lovely black boy had lived as an only cat for 11 years with one chap and he came to me as a very scared and sad puss.”

Blade didn’t have a clue where he was or who he was with. He lashed out in fear for two days whenever Chris came close. She assumed he was also pretty unwell with the diabetes not being well controlled. Blade has now been with Chris for three-and-a-half years since his adoption. She reports that he is very sensitive and much prefers to be treated at home. He simply wouldn’t let staff at the vet’s surgery get near him. Luckily, Chris was able to teach a friend how to manage Blade’s blood testing and insulin injections for times when she would be away.

Now he is one of six cats, loves routine and is probably the least laid back member of the ‘gang.’ Blade tolerates blood glucose level tests twice daily before food, followed by insulin injections. The rest of the time he’s a normal cat. Although happy to share space with the other five, he likes retreating to his own bedroom space when he feels like it.
Overall, Blade is settled and his diabetes well controlled. For a 14-year-old, he leads a pretty normal life.
Next month, you'll get to meet Brucie!

Written by Ann Judge and pictures by Christine Taylor