Who on earth would name a cute, cuddly kitten ‘Monster?’ Well, somebody did and in a sad, prophetic way the poor little puss endured a truly monstrous experience.


This kitten had been seriously injured in a nasty road traffic accident and suffered a badly broken hip. Who else to go to with this crippling condition than TV star ‘Supervet,’ Noel Fitzpatrick. Although the tricky operation was brilliantly successful, Monster’s monstrosities didn’t end there.


Returning from surgery, the traumatised cat decided his former home was not for him. He therefore limped off to become a vagrant, tramping the streets and seeking shelter in doorways.

Clearly, a wandering, scavenging life was no kind of convalescence after such serious injury and intensive surgery. Luckily, therefore, Monster was found and delivered into the safe hands of Cats Protection. Unsurprisingly, he was showing signs of acute arthritis and given pain relief by our vet. Monster was also diagnosed with dermatitis which the vet believed was caused by excessive self-grooming due to stress.


After medical treatment, this feckless feline was put into the safe hands of our wonderful Indoor Fosterer, Katherine. With her, he was given great care and lavished with love. When the time came to find a forever home, there was one problem – namely, his name. A cat labelled ‘Monster’ might well have scared off many people. He was duly

re-named and advertised as ‘Monty.’ Some initial enquiries came in, but sadly fell through.


Then - bingo! - we heard from Tracey who did offer Monty a new home. Not only did he find a new, comfy residence, he also received another new name. With Tracey and family, Monty was revitalised and came bounding out of his shell, full of self-confidence. This now-playful puss was lovingly re-named Hugo – as in ‘Hugo Boss.’ As Tracey told us, he was now definitely the boss.

She said: “When I heard the story about Hugo – from being hit by a car, living on the streets, to adoptions falling through, I knew I wanted to offer him his forever home. When I met him, he snuggled on my lap and the deal was sealed.”


The family also have two rescue dog who were good with cats, but things had to be done at Hugo’s pace. He was carefully introduced to his canine companions, and they now live happily together.


Just days after a thorough check-up and remedial treatment from Tracey’s cat-specalist vet in Forest Row, Hugo was like a different cat, she reported.


“I am so very happy that Hugo is happy. He’s a lovely addition to our little family. His favourite place is on the top shelf of his cat tower or on my lap. He loves to follow me round the house, just like my dogs – so everywhere I go, I have an entourage. Hugo is planted firmly in our hearts and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” beamed Tracey.


Quite clearly, that monstrous misery turned into a piece of monster magic.

By Ann Judge