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Gone Mything - When Loki got stuck up the chimney...

15 September 2020
Gone Mything - When Loki got stuck up the chimney... Taking in a forlorn, forgotten feline is usually a gentle, uplifting experience. You certainly wouldn’t expect to end up making frantic emergency calls for a full-blown Fire & Rescue Service turn-out.

That, however, was the alarming situation which one kind adopter was recently dropped into. This cat-loving
gentleman had been searching for feline companionship for some time, but nothing seemed to fit his particular bill until he spotted an advertisement on the Cats Protection Crawley, Reigate & District website. It was for a cat looking for a new home after his owner had become unwell. The ad carried a heart-touching note: “My name is Loki. I am four years old. Although I am named after the Norse God of mischief, I am as good as gold and like to play gently. I’m a little nervous at first, but I’m quite laid back and undemanding. I do like attention and a nice back rub.” 

However, the message turned out to be carrying a cryptic warning. Loki, the mythological Norse mischief maker was also
known as something of a trickster. His latter-day feline namesake clearly took on this meddlesome mantle. It was a fair distance from the adopter’s South Coast home to Loki’s fosterer Angela in Dorking. Nevertheless, he was prepared to meet and then take on this rather special cat.

That’s when the drama began. Loki was not at all impressed with his new home – so much so that on arrival, he made
straight for the fireplace and shot up the chimney. No tasty enticement, nor sweet talk, would bring him down. A couple of worrying days went by with Loki still lodged in the flue. There was only one solution: call in the local Fire & Rescue Service. Loki eventually emerged safely from the chimney after concerted persuasion from a team of tough fire-fighters in full emergency gear. Rather sheepishly, Loki went into a dark sulk. He seemed unsure about wanting to stay in the fine new home he’d been offered. He wouldn’t go near his kind adopter and hissed when the gentleman approached. A
return to Cats Protection was seriously considered. 
Until that is another mythical figure, a ‘Fairy Godmother,’ appeared in the form of the adopter’s cleaning lady, Kim. She worked her charms and Loki changed in a magical instant. He thought Kim was just wonderful. He’d fallen in love and began to feel completely at home.

The happy ending is that Loki has now settled very comfortably into his new home. He loves his adopter and sleeps alongside him in bed every night. 
It was suggested that a name-change might be appropriate – ‘Sooty’ or ‘Sweep’ for instance, perhaps even ‘Santa’ – but not wanting to ‘myth’ out, he’s still called Loki.

Written By Ann Judge