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How Are Our Cats Coping With Lockdown?

02 May 2020
How Are Our Cats Coping With Lockdown?

Lockdown is unpleasant for everyone, but our cats are always there to keep us company and make us happy. Some cats don't like us being around all the time, as it is a change to their normal routine.

I asked our fosterers for tips and tricks on what they are doing to keep our foster cats entertained during lockdown. There's lots of videos online for tips on enrichment; testing your cats more predatory instincts and making them think about how they are going to get their food.

"I go and sit in the pen with Prince whenever possible. He loves to cuddle up and curl up on my lap. I have been hiding his food, he has a Trixie cat activity fun board which means has to work for it. I have also been putting his biscuits in other activity toys for him to dig out and in the middle of kitchen roll tubes. His favourite place is to sit in his fort as he feels more secure in a small space."

Image may contain: catImage may contain: cat

"Garfield is doing well after some TLC since arriving with us. He is getting bored though and I will be so pleased for him when he gets his forever home, he is such a big softie and will love anyone who loves him back.
We have been doing feeding enrichment with egg boxes and getting him to exercise by jumping back and forth from one platform to another.  My boys go out and make a fuss of him from time to time too, so he has contact with different people." 

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Poppy is a very sweet cat but likes to keep to herself. She's not a lap cat, but likes to stays up on the back on the sofa just behind me.  She does follow me if I'm in the bedroom for a while but otherwise she's on the back of the sofa.  She sometimes sits on the windowsill and cries to go out as I have squirrels, birds and other cats in my communal garden so I can understand her wanting to get out there.  I try to distract her with her dangley toys which she loves. She has two but favors the father Christmas one. She's a great jumper and leaps up quite high to grab Santa in midair! It's very amusing sometimes!
She sometimes sleeps on my bed but not all night thankfully as she usually sleeps right in the middle!  If I sleep too late, Poppy walks all over me to wake me up. She eats well and loves to play almost immediately afterwards.