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How "Big Mo" became "Biggles"

28 April 2020
How "Big Mo" became "Biggles" On a gloomy, rainy day during lockdown, one of our kind Facebook followers sat down to write to us to tell us all about her adoption story of superstar moggy, Biggles. We absolutely love a success story, our volunteers thrive off knowing that they have done a good job of helping a homeless cat find a lovely new palace to live in.

Biggles was handed into us as a stray, unneutered cat. This particular editor was actually his foster Mum, and on reflection, my husband and I can remember how thick and dense his fur is, and also how big his jowels were on arrival to us. Black cats are usually harder to home, but Biggles really fell on his paws, as this article shows!

"I have always had rescue cats growing up in my family home so when Jon and I decided to buy our first house together, it never felt like a proper home. After less than 2 months of living here, Jon agreed to look at rescuing a cat, despite the fact that we barely had any furniture at this stage! Being sociable, young adults, we needed a cat that would fit in with our lifestyle but we also wanted a cat that was in desperate need of a home.
"After spending some time looking on The Cats Protection Crawley website, there was an older big black cat called Big Mo that appeared on the very last page. He was described as being a big chunky boy and a solid lad who loved a fuss. After reading that he had been homeless for quite a while, I knew he was ours!

"We arranged to go and meet him the very next day at Sian’s house, his foster mum. Upon arriving, as we began walking down to the cat’s pen at the bottom of her garden, I could hear a cat meowing very loudly and making a huge commotion! I asked Sian, is that him?, and she quickly replied nervously laughing YES! I looked at Jon (who has never owned a cat or dog), and I could see the hesitance coming across his face. When we got down there, Big Mo went crazy! He seemed so happy to see humans (It also might have been because it was dinner time!) he was jumping up, purring, meowing, he was so over excited he reminded me of a dog. He couldn’t work out if he wanted to eat first or receive some attention. I knew there and then that this sweet crazy cat was the one and it didn’t take long to convince Jon either. The very next day we brought him home and it is like he has been here his whole life.
"We renamed him Biggie Smalls after the US rapper. We thought it was fitting that he was this big street cat who had clearly been in the wars roaming his territory. He had a big kink in his tail and obvious signs that he had been in his fair share of cat fights. We soon realised that Biggie wasn’t the big bruiser we initially thought he was and his little girly meow didn’t do much for his street cred either! Although he doesn’t like other cats and will constantly meow at them until they run away, his natural demeanour around humans is so incredibly sweet and loving, so we renamed him again to Biggles and that name has well and truly stuck. He has such a big character nick names have quickly followed and now his full name is…. Biggles The Shrabbit Bat Cat McHarris, but he is happy to go by Biggles!

"Every day, without fail he still comes to greet us at the door when we come home from work. He goes crazy like the day that we met him and really all he wants is for you to sit down so he can quickly claim his throne upon your lap. He comes to bed with us every night, and sleeps under the duvet cuddled into us. In the morning he does the sweetest quietest little meow with a delicate tap on the face to let you know that he needs to go outside. Our friends and family have fallen head over heels for him and often come over just for a Biggles cuddle. His all-time favourite food is tuna and he is forever sneakily stretching his paw out stealing mayonnaise off our dinner plates. On his birthday, he gets a very special tuna and mayo cake which is absolutely loves!
"Every now and then his hunter instincts and naughty streak re-appear. He is not allowed on any of the sides and wouldn’t dream of it in front of us however in the winter he gets caught out. We often return home to find muddy paw prints EVERYWHERE! In the bath, the sink, on top of the microwave, on shelving and windowsills. When we ask him if it was him, it is like butter wouldn’t melt!
"Biggles is the most unique cat I have ever met. I have never known another cat to show more affection or gratitude for its owners. Rescuing him is the best decision we have ever made and wouldn’t think twice about doing it again (if only Biggles liked other cats!). I genuinely believe he thanks us every single day for bringing him home and giving him the life and love that he deserves. I often wonder about his previously hard life, but when he is loving life sunbathing outside with us, none of that matters anymore. He has completed our home in more ways imaginable and every day is a new adventure for the three of us."
Catriona Harris, Jon McIntosh & Biggles The Shrabbit Bat Cat.