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Living The High Life

13 December 2020
Living The High Life
We all want to start out on a high, but no-one apparently more so than a certain feline mum and her kittens.
The scene is a garden in leafy Kingston-Upon-Thames where the householders decided it was time to clean up their children’s tree house. Imagine their surprise when, up in this lofty location, they came across a mother cat and two tiny kittens nestled in a cosy corner. They didn’t have a cat themselves, so where did this feline family come from?

More importantly, what should they do with them? The answer, of course, was to call for help from Cats Protection (CP). After consultation, the householders decided to keep the mother, but hand over the babies for expert care and eventual adoption. After being neutered by CP, Mum cat would be allowed to live in the tree-house home while being socialised for a better, more down-to-earth life.

The kittens were a different matter. Problem was, they had never known human contact and were semi-feral. Step forward our intrepid volunteer Gemma. To begin with, Gemma thought she might never be able to tame them. Her dogged (or should we say ‘catted’?) determination and perseverance paid off. After some trying weeks, these wild waifs were ready to move to a permanent home. They were duly adopted by a lady called Rebecca and her family, who re-named them ‘Maisie’ and ‘Max.’

A very happy Rebecca reports: “They were still timid and shy when we first adopted them, but now they are such bundles of joy and warm to the family more every day. They are still so curious and love cuddles. I can’t wait to spend more days watching them play and explore the world. Maisie is the more confident and curious one of the two. Max is more relaxed, likes to sleep more and also follow Maisie. The bond they have is so special.”

Written by Ann Judge