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Rolling Stone Gathers Moss - Blackie's Tale

29 January 2020
Rolling Stone Gathers Moss - Blackie Help for the homeless has been a major charitable concern over this miserable winter period – nowhere more so than in our feline-friendly community. Take the case of ‘Blackie’ an elderly cat found living on the streets in damp freezing weather, after being abandoned to the elements when her owners moved home.

Suffering a touch of arthritis, Blackie had been kicked out to search alone for shelter and scavenge food wherever possible. The words of that famous Bob Dylan song could well have been written for her:
‘How does it feel? To be without a home? Like a complete unknown? Like a rolling stone?'
Luckily this ‘rolling stone’ was eventually rescued 
by our Cats Protection Crawley, Reigate & District Branch.

Although Blackie was subsequently homed, things didn’t go smoothly. Other cats in the house didn’t take to her – and she didn’t like them. Blackie’s adopter  persevered for a while, but it clearly wasn’t working out, so she came back to our care in an outdoor pen. Then an indoor fosterer vacancy cropped up, Blackie moved temporarily into a nice, indoor home.

By this time, her sight seemed to be fading; and her hearing wasn’t too good. Blackie probably felt safer by not moving too much around the apartment, but her concerned fosterer took her to the vet. “She’s blind,” the medic declared. The fosterer was not, however, entirely convinced about this diagnosis.

We advertised Blackie on the website. No-one came forward – not a single enquiry. Then a young man approached us about adopting a kitten. “No kittens available,” we replied, “but we do have Blackie.” After thinking about it, the chap and his partner decided to come and meet Blackie and here’s the happy ending: she simply stole their hearts.

Very appropriately, the couple re-named her ‘Lucky’ and she quickly started responding to the new name (so no hearing problem there). Lucky’s eyesight isn’t that bad, either. She soon began finding her way around the apartment – especially to the cosy cat bed the adopters had bought. Lucky became thoroughly house-trained. She also turned out to be extremely affectionate, loving lots of head and ear tickling. Most of the time, however, Lucky likes nothing more than to snooze in front of the telly, snoring happily away. Her lovely adopters say they simply wouldn’t be without her. 

Clearly, this rolling stone has at last gathered plenty of good moss!
As we’ve said many times before, there’s a home out there for every cat. Some just take a little longer to find one!

Written by Ann Judge
Homing Team