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Social Distancing with Cats...

26 March 2020
Social Distancing with Cats...

As the UK adapts to the new lockdown advice, one particularly quiet day in Social Media Towers, we asked our lovely Facebook Followers to let us know that both they, and their cats, are all still alive and well. 
And boy, you guys did not disappoint!!

Marie Robson: Helping me out with school work, or not!
Image may contain: 1 person, cat and indoor
Vicky Holmes: Mimi cat helping out on my teams call
Image may contain: screen and indoor
Lulu Hill: Ayda just chilling 
Image may contain: cat and indoor
Claire Parker: Charlie likes to mansplain on our sofa! 
Image may contain: cat
Hayley Wiggins: I think mine are fed up with me being home, they are finding ways to trip me up! 🤣

Image may contain: cat and indoor
Jenna Ayling: Billy is helping 🤔

Image may contain: cat and indoor
Katie O'Neill: Ben decided to get involved with my virtual pilates class the other night! 
Image may contain: table and indoor
Vicky Elms: Lily's taking in the sun
Image may contain: cat
Lisa-Marie Dodson: I have 4 indoor kitties..... I'm turning into one of them and keep napping 🤣
Image may contain: cat
Claire Penfold: This is what Cleo thinks of us all being home!! 
Image may contain: grass, bird and outdoor
Ana Earthrowl: She is snoring...
Image may contain: cat and indoor
Flo Thomas: Coco making the most of the sun on the sundial
Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature
Marcia Jane: Poppy has decided the coffee table is the perfect place to catch the morning sunshine.
Image may contain: people sitting, table, living room and indoor
Melissa Staughton: Mine likes to guard my laptop case. 
Helen Dee: One chilled out cat.
No photo description available.
Sally Ann: Snowy having a snooze 
 Image may contain: 1 person, cat


We've loved seeing your cats enjoying the sun, and the company! 
Remember we are here if you need an ear or some advice. We are fairly limited to the help that we can give at present, but if it is an emergency, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're all in this together!