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What's It All About, Alfie? - Alfie's Tale

13 April 2020
What Alfie’s sad theme song might well have been that classic Dionne Warwick hit from the ‘60s, ‘Walk On By.’ He was one of four unwanted felines from the same household waiting for new, permanent homes at Chelwood Gate National Cat Centre. Alfie was not, however, at all impressed with his experience of being on show in the homing line-up for prospective adopters.
For some unexplained reason, so many of them simply walked on by without so much as a glance and shuffled on quickly to the next pen. After a while of this indifference, Alfie decided he’d had enough of being that passedby pussy in the window.
He therefore retreated to the rear of his pen, where some dignified privacy could be enjoyed. As we might say these days, Alfie went into voluntary self-isolation.

Then, one day a lady called Shahn and her husband Brian came along. As they stopped, stared and wondered at this empty pen, an equally-curious Alfie looked out from the rear cat-flap. It was his turn to do the viewing - and Alfie liked what he saw. It could at last be his chance to ‘go home.’ The feeling was mutual.

There was, however, a snag. Shahn and Brian were due to be going on holiday and the Centre couldn’t allow the couple to ‘reserve’ Alfie. “Someone else might come along for him while you’re away,” they were told.
They did not, however, give up. As soon as she was back from holiday, Shahn raced over to Chelwood Gate to try and adopt Alfie, but he wasn’t there!

Alfie had been transferred to Crawley, Reigate & District Branch. Undaunted, Shahn contacted our branch to track down Alfie and he was found with a fosterer in Crawley. After the required home visit from Horsham Branch, much to their delight Shahn and Brian received the all-clear to collect Alfie.
Now he shares his new home with Lily the dog and they simply adore each other. Shahn tells how she bought two matching white blankets – one for Lily, the other for Alfie. However, the two much-loved pets choose to share the same blanket. “They just can’t bear to be parted,” reports Shahn.

For Alfie those ‘Walk On By’ days of his old wistful theme song are well and truly over. He now has another signature tune from the 1960s - and it’s a no-brainer to guess which one.
When this lucky cat is down the bottom of his garden, Shahn sings out to him: ‘What’s it all about, Alfie?’ and he runs up to her meowing in lyrical response,
‘Hello – is it me you’re looking for?’……

Written by Ann Judge