Introducing a new cat/kitten

The low stress way to introduce a new cat or kitten
Stage 1:

Make sure that you think carefully before introducing a new cat into your household. Also make sure that you think about the situation in your home and if the new cat/kitten is going to be compatible with your existing cats or other pets. 
If the cats are not part of the same class/social group, ensure that you have seperate space to provide ample sets of resources for each groups. Try to make a decision from a feline point of view.
Stage 2:

Make sure you plan how you will maintain your current routine for your cats, whilst keeping an area separate for the new cat/kitten. It is imperative that access to food, water, resting places and litter trays is not disrupted by the new arrival.
You need to provide all of the above and try to ensure that the different groups have minimal interaction.
Stage 3:

In the first few days keep the new arrival seperate from your existing cats, in order to allow time for his/her scent signals to become inline with the home, this normally takes 2 weeks however every case is different.
The scent of the cats can be mixed by swapping items such as bedding and toys between the rooms and areas. Introductions from one cat to another should wait until the new cat abstains from provoking hostile reactions from your feline residents.
In most situations you will find that the result is tolerance rather than friendship but in a few cases they can become friends, as time passes.
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When offering a home to an older cat you can still obtain pet insurance. There are currently around four pet insurance companies who will accept older cats. If you are ever interested in the details, please telephone Karen on 01270668380