Can anyone with an un-neutered cat PLEASE consider how crucial neutering is, both to the health of their own cat and for all the cats denied a home due to the arrival of yet another litter of kittens. We are urging people to neuter now before ANOTHER lot of kittens arrive. We are currently swamped with many cats and kittens already on our waiting list. If the kittens do not come into care and are socialised in time they are likely to become stray or feral, neither option with any prospect of a decent life. Indeed, many feral and stray cats have a miserable existence.

In cases of financial hardship we are able to offer help, conditions apply.

Please note, it is important to neuter males as well as females due to the risk of FIV and FELV, straying and infections caused by males fighting and also to prevent them from fathering litters with un-neutered females they may encounter.

Unspayed females kept indoors are not without risk.  Most people haven't heard of the potentially fatal illness, pyometra. These female cats are at high risk of developing this disease after coming into season and many people miss the signs until it is too late to save the cat.

Please click on the following link to download our Neutering leaflet,

This leaflet is available in 12 languages