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With kitten season upon us, our centres are receiving hundreds of abandoned and unwanted kittens. It’s heart breaking to see these little beautiful things, injured and shivering with cold and fear — so young they’re still blind, unable to keep themselves warm and desperate for their mother’s milk. That first hour of care we give them could be the difference between life and death.

Please fund an hour of critical care. Your support will help us give kittens the chance to grow fit, strong and find a loving home.

Case Study

Willow’s story is sadly all too familiar to us. She was found in a lorry driver’s trailer with a serious head injury. On arrival at our centre, Willow collapsed almost immediately. We didn’t expect her to survive the trip to the vets. The first critical hour of care for this beautiful, frail kitten made all the difference. We were able to stabilise Willow, nurse her back to health and find her a new loving home. For Willow that hour of care was both life-saving and life-changing

Please fund an hour of critical care and give more kittens a chance to live a happy life full of love.

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