Sponsor a cat

Torby catSponsorship offers a precious lifeline to our most needy cats, some with long-term illnesses or medical problems, and others, like Timmie, who have been viciously abused and left permanently disabled. Because these cats need ongoing veterinary treatment, often for life, Croydon Cats Protection undertakes to cover the cost of their treatment/medication.

The branch is currently committed to fund veterinary treatment for just over 200 of these special needs cats. To help us to raise the money we need to pay for veterinary treatment and medication for our special needs cats we have set up a Sponsor Cat Scheme.

Members of the public are invited to sponsor a particular cat. In return they receive a certificate and updates twice a year. Alternatively donations can be made to the General Sponsor Fund, which enables them to be used for the benefit of any of our special needs cats. The Sponsor Cat Scheme is very flexible. We do not ask for specific amounts or intervals of payment. Some sponsors contribute monthly, quarterly or annually, whilst others make occasional payments by cheque.

To ensure that these special cats get the care they need to live life to the full, please consider joining our Sponsor Cat Scheme. It's really easy. Just  contact us at sponsorcats@croydon.cats.org.uk  for more details.

Are you struggling for gift ideas?

Cat Sponsorship can provide the ideal gift whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding, Christmas or other celebration. It’s a gift that would be well received by any animal lover and in particular by anybody who would really love to have a pet but who, for some reason, is unable to.

Sponsorship offers a precious lifeline to our most needy cats, some with long-term illnesses or medical problems. It enables us to pay the veterinary costs incurred by these special cats and ensures that they have a good quality of life.

In return the sponsor will receive an adoption certificate, an update twice a year on their cat’s wellbeing, photographs and also great appreciation from all at Croydon Cats Protection.

Photo by Marta Markes on Unsplash