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Mature Moggies

14 June 2021
Mature Moggies

To mark Cats Protection’s first ever#MatureMoggiesDay on 16 June, we’d like to raise awareness of the special qualities of more mature cats and share expert advice about how to care for elderly cats.

We understand that the extra care and attention a mature moggy may need can feel daunting, but there are lots of simple ways to make a cat’s senior years a joyful tail!

Mature Moggies Day (16 June) is a chance to champion the older cats who take over three times longer to find new homes than younger cats and kittens.   When looking for a new cat to join their family, many people opt for cute kittens and younger cats, passing the more mature moggies by.  Sadly, this means the older cats that end up in our care often have to wait over three times longer to find new homes than their younger counterparts.

We promise to find a new home for every cat, no matter how long it takes, but we’d love to get these gorgeous senior kitizens into cosy new homes quicker, as that’s where they’re happiest.

To celebrate the nation’s mature moggies and prove that they have just as much to give as younger felines, we’re launching Mature Moggies Day on 16 June.  Every year on this date we plan to encourage owners of older cats to share their stories on social media with #MatureMoggiesDay in the hope that it will encourage more people to think about giving an OAP (old age puss) a home.  If you have adopted a mature cat from Croydon CP, then why not share their story on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cpcroydon 

And this will give you information about caring for older cats:  https://www.cats.org.uk/media/1027/eg16_elderly_cats.pdf