Adopt a cat

This branch no longer takes cats and kittens in and therefore, we have no cats or kittens available for adoption. If you live in the Warrington area and are looking to adopt a cat or kitten, please contact the cats Protection adoption Centres in Warrington or St Helens or contact Atherton & Wigan Metro Branch for further help. Please Google them for their contact information.

If you require help with the cost of neutering your cat, we may be able to help. If you would like advice on this or a neutering voucher, please contact Sheila Taylor on 01942 516208.

With regret, we are unable to take in feral cats. We may be able to help with a feral colony by lending out traps and getting the ferals neutered. We do rely on members of the public being willing to help us out by setting the traps for us and taking the cats to our vet. We will of course pay for the neuterung itself. We are NOT able to move ferals to other locations. Our policy with ferals is always to TRAP, NEUTER & RETURN to the original site.

Please contact the branch on 07982 758623 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Please remember that we are a small volunteer run branch and all of our volunteers have work and family commitments in addition to their cat work. At the present time, we are only able to deal with enquiries about neutering. If you need to rehome a cat, please give the Cats Protection Adoption Centre in Warrington a ring on 03000 120612.

There are currently no cats available here.

Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please contact us on 07982 758 623