Brave Bagpuss gets a new home

Bagpuss afterBagpuss beforeWe received a plea of help from a member of the public in Stewarton regarding a stray cat she had been feeding for some time that had very bad eyes.   Our Welfare Officer went out only to find this poor wee cat in a dreadful state.   He was immediately rushed to the vet for attention.   Bagpuss was diagnosed with entropion which means his eyelids were turned inwards, which is very, very painful and he also had 7 teeth removed, so he could not eat nor see very well.   Bagpuss was kept in the vets for a couple of days for his condition to be monitored before going to his foster home.   It is thought that he is around 7 years of age and could have had this condition for most of his life.
Bagpuss was in care for 4 months and during this time he had many trips to the vet, a further small eye operation and some more teeth out.   During this time Bagpuss never lost his cool and enjoyed all the attention he was getting.
We had to make sure that Bagpuss was fit and healthy before rehoming him to someone who could monitor his condition and give any medication that was needed.   Bagpuss is now in his new home with another cat and a dog for company.
Again we cannot thank our vets MBM in Mauchline enough for the attention they gave Bagpuss.