Eric the little old man from Sorn

EricEric has spent his life as a free spirit for at least the past 18 years in Sorn.

Although he has never had a home he has been well looked after and fed by many of the locals including Agnes, Grace and Norma. They have taken care of the little colony of homeless cats in the village.

A few years ago poor Eric was shot in the face with an airgun and lost an eye. Due to his age he is now deaf as well.

Earlier on this year ( 2013 ) he was very ill with a respiratory infection. After treatment at the vets we brought him into care. We did not think he would survive, but a few days later he was up and about so he went back to his own territory.

He was taken back to the vets a couple of months later because he was limping. It was a large tick on his foot. After it was removed he was given an antibiotic injection and taken back to Sorn again. A week or two later he did not seem to be back to his normal self so, after another trip to the vet and another antibiotic injection and medication, we brought him into care. He would not have survived another winter outside.

We did not think he would settle indoors after being an outside cat all his life, but it is the very opposite. He is just so happy to be inside and have his own cosy bed. When the door is opened he runs the other way as if to say “I am not going outside again”.

He is not taking up a valuable space in one of our shelters used for fostering and can stay here permanently. However, if someone could offer him a quiet loving home without other pets or children we would consider it. He would have to be kept as a house cat unless there is a very secure garden (who knows, one day he might want to venture outside again). We would pay for all his food and vet costs.

Despite everything he has been through he loves and trusts people and goes about purring all the time. He is just a happy little old man that loves cuddles and just wants to spend the rest of his days feeling safe, warm and loved. He deserves it.

Sadly Eric died on 13 April 2014 in his warm bed with his Mum by his side.

....We had him cremated and in a wee ceremony, along with Agnes who had looked after him all his years, we scattered his ashes under a tree in Sorn woodland where he spent all his days in the sun....