Bonnie’s Story

Hello my name is Bonnie (the one at the back). Myself, my sister Belle (in the middle|) and my brother Bracken (in front), were born in a silage pit at a farm.

Cats Protection rescued us, and we went to a fosterer. We had no mum with us so it meant milk formula every 4 hours, as we were only 4 weeks old.

When we were 9 weeks, my sister Belle was homed, the following week Bracken was homed. My fosterer cried a lot and decided to keep me. I am really happy as there are 3 other cats here for company.

If Cats Protection had not rescued us we would surely have died.

This first picture is us at 7 weeks old, the 2nd picture is me now, I am 2 years old.

Bonnie%44 Belle%44 BrackenBonnie 2 years old