Success stories - Yum-Yum's story

We received a panic phone call from a member of the public to say that a stray cat she had been feeding for some time had turned up badly injured.  Our Trapping Officer went out, trapped the cat, and off he went to the vets.   Upon examination it was discovered that the cat had a fractured jaw, possibly resulting from the cat having been kicked in the face. His jaw was wired and he was also neutered at the same time.   When he was over the operation he was taken to our Welfare Officer for recuperation.

Through talking to members of the public, it turns out that "Yum-Yum", was quite a lad around the area, and it is believed he has fathered many kittens - and - would you believe - in the pen next door is Mrs Yum-Yum and a litter of 5 kittens !!!!!

We would like to thank Jim one of the vets at MBM Mauchline for his excellent work in treating Yum-Yum.  I am pleased to report that after nearly 3 months in care Yum-Yum has the wires out and is fully fit.

Every week in care Yum-Yum was visited by his adoptive mum and her son who wanted to keep the contact up as he was going back there when fully recovered, hoping they could persuade him to come into the house.   During his time in care his foster mum worked on him, giving him confidence and he even allowed her to brush him.   I was very fortunate that I went with Yum-Yum and his foster mum when he was returned to the lady who had originally contacted us.   After having seen him when he came into care, not a happy lad amongst people, and the difference in him 3 months later, it was a touching moment.   Yum-Yum was let out of his basket in the kitchen and immediately went to the closed back door.   His mum picked him up, he cuddled in, head butting her for attention, and started kneading with his front paws.   We left 15 minutes later and Yum-Yum was still having cuddles.

Fortunately, for this cat it turned out to be a happy ending, after love and care, he should not spend another winter outside.




LP/July 14