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Heart warming story

21 November 2020

One rainswept November evening 2014

It was a very wet and windy late evening back in November 2014 when we were called to a cat just sitting, huddled on a demolished building site.  He was soaked and looking very dejected and skinny.  We immediately took him into care, dried him off,  fed him and gave him a warm bed.  We scanned for a microchip and were relieved to find he was chipped.

Next we contacted his owner, who could not believe we had found him : he had been missing since 2005 !  From his chip we could see he was now 16.  All those years of living rough and on his wits. This beautiful gentle boy didn't respond to us calling his true name Bramble but was very grateful all the same for the warm bed and food.  The following day his owner came to collect him.  Even though she had moved 20 miles away and had a different life now, she really wanted him back.  We were very anxious how they would react to each other but thankfully we needn’t have worried : she called his name twice and he immediately rubbed around her legs.  What a happy, yet tearful reunion for all involved. 

This picture was taken 2 days after being found.


Epilogue – November 2020

We made contact with the owner again recently.  Sadly Brambles has now passed away but the owner told us,  “I will be forever grateful to you that I had my baby boy back for his last few years.  Nothing could ever pay you back for that.”