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Our Success story - Cleo and Luna

02 July 2019
Our Success story - Cleo and Luna

After losing out cat last July our home had been very empty for several months before I felt able to have another cat. At Christmas I looked on the CP Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted website and saw a beautiful mother and daughter who had been found abandoned locally and rescued by Cats Protection.

Cleo and Luna (Cleo's kitten) were being fostered by a lovely CP lady in Berkhamsted and despite it being Christmas the CP where quick to answer my enquiries and arranged a visit for the second week in January.

Cleo was not impressed and hid for most of our visit and the small and mighty Luna kept shaking and hissed when we saw her, however,  it was plain to see that Luna was desperate to play and that both cats only needed time and love to be able to trust humans again.

We were very pleased when the CP, after a home visit, said we could have these beautiful girls at the end of January. We visited them again before collection as we were so excited. Their foster mum was delighted they had found a new home and made us feel very welcome on our visits.

On arrival at their new home on the Friday night the girls were obviously very scared and hid under the dining room table. We spent our first weekend with them also under the table and gradually Luna came out to play but mum Cleo would only accept finger tip strokes. We spoilt them with treats and talked to them all the time. By the end of the first weekend both were more relaxed but still very wary.

After the first week they started to be fed in the kitchen and after 2 weeks they were only allowed treats if they came out from under the table. This was the turning point, Cleo then let me stroke her while she was eating. Luna immediately became a lap cat. If someone was sitting down then Luna was there especially if it was my daughter who would play for hours with her. Cleo also decided we were not that bad and settled on the top of the sofa so she could look out of the window at the birds on the feeders, however she always ran off as soon as someone moved.

Six months on and it`s as if they have always lived with us. Both girls love a fuss and although Cleo still won`t sit next to me on the sofa, she will sit at my feet and come for a fuss ( I am hopeful that in 6 months’ time she will sit by my side as I can see she really wants to). Her purr is delightful and sounds like a train. They love being in the garden and relaxing and sitting in the sunshine.

It is lovely having a mother and daughter; Cleo like any mum is very loving towards Luna but also has her moments when she gets annoyed, especially if Luna has been off exploring and Cleo has not seen her for a while. Then it is a quick clip round the ear as if to say ‘where have you been’ I have been worried sick!

They both like to sit with the tortoises we have and watch them wander around and love to watch the birds on the feeders. 

These beautiful girls have made out home feel a home again. The difference we have seen in their confidence is amazing and they delight everyone who meets them. We are very happy they came to live with us and complete our family.