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Our Cassie's Story

11 April 2019
Our Cassie

Our Cassie’s Story

This little lady is Cassie she came to me about 3 months ago. She was shy, nervous and hid under a blanket all the time.

She had been living with an older lady before and did not have much interaction with anyone. I saw her on the Cats Protection fb page and enquired about rehoming her.  I had my home visit which all went very well and was invited to meet Cassie at her fosters' home. We had lost our dear old moggie a few months before; who had lived to a grand old age of 19 and we missed having a cat about the house.

The foster welcomed me and my boys and we saw Cassie and spent some time talking and stroking her. She was so scared with massive big round eyes and, of course, we couldn’t do anything else but fall in love with her straight away.

We collected Cassie a few weeks later and had already arranged a quiet area for her under the stairs that was open in the living room, as discussed with the home visitor. We spent a lot of time talking to her, stroking her and coaxing her out.

With time Cassie Cat has come out of her shell. She meows softly and follows me to the kitchen for food. The best thing is she now sits next to me on the sofa and we cuddle all evening. She still sleeps all day under her blanket.

Adopting Cassie Cat is the best thing I have ever done. She is part of our family and she is happy; still nervous with loud noises (especially tin foil in the kitchen). Having her has made our family complete and she is happy and healthy.

Thank you CP for letting me adopt such a wonderful friend.