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Our Success Stories - PIP

12 October 2019
Our Success Stories - PIP

Having recently lost my cat, I decided to look on the Cats Protection website to see if there was a cat locally who needed a forever home. I put in my post code and a selection of cats came up. “Pip” was a three year old female at the Hemel Hempstead Cats Protection. I expressed an interest online and filled in a short form.


Very quickly someone from CP Hemel got back to me and we had a chat. We then arranged a visit to my home to talk through the practicalities and had a chat about Pip and her circumstances. All went well with the home visit and I arranged to view Pip. When we met she was a dear little thing and very friendly, considering we had never met before, and I was happy to offer her a home. A few days later I met again with Pip and the volunteer and the adoption paperwork and payment was completed and I took her home to start her new life with me.


After her arrival into her new home she settled in really well. I had found with other cats I had had that they initially went into hiding in a new environment but not so this time…this was taken on her first day with me!

I've renamed her Sherry.

As recommended I let her explore the house a room at a time and after 10 days she was running up and down stairs quite happily and had identified her favourite spots.

It was recommended I kept her in for 6-8 weeks to let her get used to the whole house and feel comfortable with me and her new surroundings before letting her out slowly; when I am around and never at night. So far she has not shown any signs in wanting to go out. Cats Protection had had her chipped and they re-registered her to my address. She had had her first vaccination and I took her back to their vet for her second so all I then had to do was register her with my vet for ongoing flea/worm treatment and her booster injection next year.


She’s definitely made herself at home and gives me a wake-up call for breakfast every morning as soon as it gets light!

She’s a joy to have around and I am so glad I made that call!