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Skye and Pumpkin Success Story

23 December 2019
Skye and Pumpkin Success Story

My daughters had been asking us for a pet for a few years but we decided to wait until they were old enough to take full responsibility for their care. When we finally agreed to getting kittens they  started looking at fancy pedigree breeds and breeders online. I was not very comfortable with this and it was a relief when my neighbour showed us the gorgeous kittens she had adopted through Cats Protection. We made contact via the website and Jackie who looks after rehoming at Hemel Hempstead arranged to come to meet at our house. Jackie was very thorough and made sure we fully understood what we would be taking on. She also explained that it was a tricky time of year for finding kittens since most would have been homed. However our luck was in, 2 weeks later we received a call that 4 kittens were being fostered in Hemel having been found abandoned in a local school. We visited them at the fosters home twice and she was very welcoming and gave up lots of time to let my girls hang out with the kittens and play with them. It was an agonising decision because they were all so cute but in the end we settled on Pumpkin and Skye who were sisters and both quite timid. 

When the day of adoption came we met again with Jackie and the foster to go through the paperwork and get the instructions regarding vets appointments and feeding etc. Bringing them home was special moment and very exciting for us all. It took a few days for them to come out from under the sofa but soon they were confident enough to explore their room and were happy to be in their crate, initially, when I went to work . We were very careful to follow all advice so all went well. 

Their previous foster mum came for a follow up visit and was pleased to see how they had grown and were now confident lap cats! Once they had been neutered in the Spring we let them out gradually into the garden; which turns out to be the place they love and spend most of their awake time. The adoption process through Cats Protection was very straight forward and we felt supported at all stages. The cats are now full grown, absolutely beautiful and have completed our family. Now we couldn't imagine life without Pumpkin and Skye. Thank you Cats Protection.