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Success Story - Fella

23 January 2019
Success Story  - Fella


I would like to share my experience of adopting a cat from Cats Protection Hemel Hempstead with you.  We decided to investigate adopting a cat after our eldest son was diagnosed with autism and was struggling with anxiety.  We spotted Fella on the CP website and he appeared to fit with the type of cat we were looking for – long-haired, indoor & gentle. 

We contacted CP and had an immediate response.  A foster for CP  came to see us at our home to understand our circumstances, what kind of cat we were looking for. The foster also brought useful information on looking after cats. We all decided that Fella could be the cat we were looking for so a visit was arranged for us to go and meet him. 

Fella had been adopted only a few weeks before, but sadly his new owner discovered she was allergic so could no longer keep him.  We saw him at her house and although Fella was clearly nervous, hiding next to the settee, he allowed our son to stroke him and feed him treats.  We were asked to go home and think about it, as it is a big decision, and after a family discussion we all agreed he was the one and confirmed we would like to adopt him.  A week later we collected him. 

We followed CPs advice and provided a safe place for Fella where he could have his own space and made sure his food and litter tray were all close by.  After a few weeks his confidence increased  and he gradually came out more allowing us to brush his coat and stroke him.  We had some follow-up contact from CP to check we, and Fella, were happy and that things were going well. 

Over the last few months Fella has become much more confident and is extremely vocal when he wants feeding.  Although he’s still nervous if we have visitors, he seems happy and content and can often be found on our son’s bed or lying in the sun.  The bond between our son and Fella has grown into something very special and he’s had such a positive effect on him.

We found the whole process of adoption very easy with no pressure at any time and lots of support provided. Fella is a wonderful addition to our family, and we are so pleased we made that initial enquiry.