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Auction for a piece of Robot history

13 September 2016

Would you like to become the proud owner of a piece of robot history from the 2016 series of Robot Wars?

We are delighted that Si and Debs have donated his aluminium side panel which formed part of the armour of Chompalot during the four-way battle between, Pulsar, Ironside 3 and Thermidor 2.

It comes from Chompalot’s left hand side where it can be seen in perfect condition in this photo.

“There are two chunks ripped out of the back of the panel, this was done by Ironside 3. During the battle, the panel was seen to fly across the arena from a blow inflicted by Ironside 3’s powerful spinning bar. The bolts holding the panel in place were sheared clean away, this and the fact that the panel was buckled is why the panel didn’t go back on for his first melee with Gabriel”

Simon & Debs Cook - Team Chompalot


This is a unique opportunity and is the only panel from the current evolution of Chompalot to ever have been donated for an auction. Si and Debs adopted their cats Poppy & Rosy from Cats Protection so have a special place in their hearts hence parting with part of their beloved Chompie to help raise funds for the cats in our care.

We are going to auction this panel (approx. 60cm & 26cm) and the highest bidder will become the owner together with a certificate of authenticity signed by Si & Debs.

There are three different ways to get in touch and any way that you get in touch, all we will need to know is the amount that you would like to bid.

As new bids come in we will update you of the current highest bid (website, Twitter & Facebook) and first name of bidder, this way should you want to increase your bid you will have an opportunity. The auction will close at 4pm on Sunday 25th September. We will contact the highest bidder after this time to organise payment and transfer of ownership.

Current highest bid: £62

Name: Isaac

To send us your bid either

Email: catsderby@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CPDerbyAdoptionCentre/      
(Please only send a direct message)

Twitter: https://twitter.com      Find us at @CP_Derby_AC